Monday, December 31, 2012

RLW's 2012 ~ What A Year...

A year ago today I fully intended to stay up until midnight to give 2011 a final, "Good Riddance!"  I did just that... even dropped a few swear-bombs when the clock struck the New Year for good measure.  It was, hands down, the hardest year I ever endured.  I didn't do a lighthearted "Year In Review" post on Full Circle and wanted none of it.  I swore, so help me God, 2012 was going to kick 2011's ass rear ..

And it did.  

From the adoption being finalized in April, to meeting the man (and his kiddos) I would fall in love with, my first official Mother's Day and the new friends we made, to the old friends that kept me from losing my mind.  We were surrounded by blessings and counted each one.  Our little tribe was on the go all summer (my man lives hundreds of miles away, naturally) but props to him, they were on the road way more than we were.  There were few dull moments (and loads of laughter and firsts), that is for sure. 

2012 was exciting and stressful... but most of all an amazing adventure.

The upcoming year is looking to present some big changes in our little life.  I'm bracing myself for the impending whirlwind but have faith all will be well.. especially since it's in His hands.

2013?  Bring it!

Happy New Year, Y'all!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

RLW Holiday Highlights...

On Christmas Eve we had time to kill before church, so we did a mall crawl to see if Santa was still around.  As we suspected, he had already left for work...

Christmas morning was a blur of colorful paper and happy kiddos...

NO COAL (Not even in Sweet Pea's stocking..  trust me, we were all shocked)

We went out for a bit to give some of the toys a whirl...

Then Round Two of presents from the fam.  This is Auntie MooMoo showing Little Buddy his new calendar.  The most excellent part?  He's Mr. February.

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon and evening with family, including a fantastic meal.  The house was filled with laughter and love...

Since then, the house has pretty much looked just like this:

And I wouldn't have it any other way...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Home For The Holidays ~ Airs TONIGHT on CBS!

TONIGHT at 8PM ET on CBS our friends from the Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption are airing the 14th Annual Home for the Holidays!

From their website:  2012 talent includes Rascal Flats, Phillip Phillips, Matchbox Twenty, Rachel Crow and Melissa Ethridge. Presenters are Wayne Brady, Kevin Frazier and Jillian Michaels.
You can give the gift of family. Text the word HOME to 50555 to make a $10 donation to DTFA. Standard text and data rates may apply.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

23andMe ~ The Future In DNA Analysis Is HERE!

So, a month before I turned 30 (a year after Mama passed away), I discovered quite randomly that I was adopted.  It's a long-winded tale, but if you wish to read the back story, CLICK HERE.  Since then I have conducted searches trying to locate my bio mother.  I got my info out there on ALL the "connection" websites and befriended many Search Angels (wonderful people that hunt for free) that helped out as best they could.

Months passed.  Years passed.

After what seemed like forever (thanks to snail mail), I was able to get my mitts on my "Non Identifying Information" from the county of my birth.  An experience in and of itself, let me tell ya.  From that report I was able to glean that my bio mom and her family were not originally from my birth state.  She was a waitress, started dating a customer, got pregnant, he bailed and she never saw him again.  Although in her mid 20's she knew she couldn't afford to care for me properly and relinquished me at birth.  She's 5'5", has a round face and curly hair.

Hmm.  Sounds familiar.

Sneaky me was able to finagle the confirmation of my birth name out of the social worker assigned to my Non Id Info file.  Unfortunately, it's beyond common and has gotten us nowhere.

So much for being a sleuth.

In 2010 I bit the bullet and hired a paid private investigator.  The company also works for a guy named Troy that has a Locating show on TV.  Yeah, him.  Lovely Patty was assigned to my case, contracted for 6 months.  Period.  We hit wall after wall and bless her heart, she is still working it for me.

Welcome to the end of 2012 and we still have nothing.  Auntie M (who has been helping from the get go) suggested a few weeks back that I give one of these newfangled DNA testing companies a whirl.  Why not?  Within a few days, my package from 23andMe had arrived.

Make that my "Spit Kit"..  *giggle*

Matches are starting to trickle in.  No close relatives yet but 3rd to more distant cousins.  It may sound random to you, but for this 40something that has never laid eyes on a blood relation, it's supreme coolness.

I'll keep y'all posted on the happenings (and hopefully some breakthroughs) in this little journey.  Thus far, I have been very happy with my 23andMe experience and would like to mention the kits are originally $299.. now $99!!!  Not only is this a wonderful tool for the ones of us in search of family (with little to no information to begin with) but also for discovering ancestry, accessing online health and trait reports and for helping with genetic research.

Fingers crossed.  Stay Tuned...

**This is not a paid review.. just my personal, humble little O**