Friday, February 21, 2014

One Step Forward, Two Back..

Welcome to my cha cha.
Just when it feels like Little Buddy is getting to a good place (and verbalize it amongst ourselves), it never fails to fall apart.  Total jinx.  Lately some old behaviors have resurfaced and honestly it's frustrating and disappointing.  Playing old games he thought we wouldn't catch onto and call him out on.  And you know I do. 

1-2 cha cha cha.

My little man has had a rough road in his nine short years.  Harder than most have in a lifetime.  The trauma and change he has endured is mind numbing.  This last year was no exception.  He finished out 3rd grade in another state, did summer camp (which I thought would help with acclimation) but 4th grade started pretty rough anyway. We had scholastic and bullying issues (but he brought some of it on himself.. he's known for "poking at the sleeping bear" so to speak) but those were addressed.  He started to make friends and had a few over.  Grades were getting better and it seemed like we were getting all dialed in.

3-4 cha cha cha.

I think somewhere deep down he's having a hard time adjusting to just being a kid.  He's not the "foster kid" or the "kid that lost his dad" or the "adopted kid".. or even the "new kid" .. He's a regular kid.  I've caught on to the negative things he is doing and saying for that extra attention and put the kibosh on it.  Although he knows better he thought he wouldn't get caught.  But he did and it wasn't pretty.

Back in the ancient days I did cotillion in junior high then the Assembly in high school.  7 years in all.  What was it?  White gloves, pantyhose, boys in suits and ties, girls in dresses, waltzes and other dances, social etiquette.  At the end of our senior year, the daddy of them all.. the Presentation Ball at the Beverly Wilshire.  A big band, the whole nine yards.  Damn, you would think I'm 90... ANYWAY...  In all that time, I loved doing the cha cha the most.  Today, not so much.


Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully I'll get to bust some fun, cool moves.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

AAANNNNND... Here's The First Post..

Wyoming Parent launched their online magazine today.  YEAH BABY!  That's right, I'm a proud contributor at the WP!  Please go on over and check us out.. and read my INAUGURAL POST!


And if you have the time, please comment there was well.  It takes just a sec.  A milisec, really.  Like, super duper quick..

*this is me pleading on bended knee*

Monday, February 17, 2014

On The Write Track...

Confession:  It has been several years since I've really enjoyed writing.  Like, pouring over every word and making sure it was perfect kind of writing.  Back when I wrote Full Circle I was engrossed.. I had loyal readers, contributed to other websites and blogs, hosted a weekly online show, I road the coattails of hung with rock star writers, was invited to cool events, had paying sponsors, got emails from people asking for advice or just wanting to privately talk about their adoption journey.  I Tweeted some dang good stuff and had celebrities follow back (HOLLA!  Sara Evans is still there..).  Ideas and words flowed..  I was funny at times (in my head, anyway).

I had a purpose.

FC was my baby (or obsession if you will), my bloggy and IRL friends my tribe and I even sucked my family into it. Remember Where's Wissa 1 and Where's Wissa 2?  If you do, you're a trooper and have been around FOR-EVER.  Thank you for still checking in and not giving up on me.  It was an emotional journey and we all took it together.. family and friends alike.

The summer of 2011 I sat in my front room and wrote my husband's eulogy.  Completely numb.  I did my best for the state I was in but pretty sure it was sub-par.  Honestly I can't really say for sure, I haven't read it since.  It's something I'm not sure I'll ever be able to revisit.  I do recall in the fog of that time wondering if I would ever write again.  Crazy stuff like that rolls around in this peanut brain of mine.  Loss and grief take incredible tolls.

It took everything I had to push forward, much less crack the laptop open and type words.  No one really needed to know my thoughts back then.  It's was and is very dark and icky.  I've dabbled in my writings, that's about it .. just a dip of a toe in the waters.

Fast Forward to 2014: so here I am with a completely different life, a whole new set of challenges and I'm ready to jump back in the pool.  Water wings inflated and secured.  I'm excited to share I've got a new writing gig and when it has launched I'll let y'all know.  I'm completely grateful to of been asked and feel I'm ready to contribute.

You can always find me here, though.  Promise.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like..

Spring, Baby!!
After an eternity of crap arctic cold, the weather broke and we're in the 50's.  I know I know, total teaser, we've got a long way until we're out of winter (and spring snow storms) but opening the windows, hearing birds sing and feeling that awesome breeze was definitely welcomed.

Tease us all you want, Mother Nature... we can take it..

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Go Daddy.. I Would Like to Tell You Where To Go..

You, too Google..

A few months back I started getting auto renewal failure notifications via email regarding my Full Circle domain name.  The credit card I had on file no longer existed because of the move.  No big, I'll just go in and update...

Uuuuhhh.. no.

Blogger is no longer user friendly.  I was directed to the Google Aps Admin Console and went round and round.  I finally found support and emailed them.  Then it was more of the same.  Finally, Harry (my specialist) emailed back and said not to worry, update done.. all was well. 

Then Zane emailed a week later:

Thank you for your ongoing patience while we have been working to resolve your issue. My name is Zain and I am the technical specialist overseeing your case outside of Harry's office hours.

I understand that you updated your billing information in the Admin console, but when you visit your domain ( in a web-browser, you are presented with a page stating that your registration expired on the 27th of October.

I am uncertain as to why Harry told you that your domain had be renewed, but I can confirm that this not the case. By the time you were able update your billing information in Admin console, you domain had already expired. Unfortunately, once a domain's registration has expired, we (Google) do not have the ability to renew the domain for you.

My response was something along the lines of, "TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE" yet I never did hear back from Zane.  Shock.

Long story short, the wonderful domain I owned for six years was lost, snatched up..  Gone with the wind.  Go Daddy was not much more help..  I'll leave it at that..

Today my old blog finally relaunched and is my new, old home.  So many links lost.. but it's alive and well.. even if no one can find it..


Good to have me back, eh?