Friday, February 21, 2014

One Step Forward, Two Back..

Welcome to my cha cha.
Just when it feels like Little Buddy is getting to a good place (and verbalize it amongst ourselves), it never fails to fall apart.  Total jinx.  Lately some old behaviors have resurfaced and honestly it's frustrating and disappointing.  Playing old games he thought we wouldn't catch onto and call him out on.  And you know I do. 

1-2 cha cha cha.

My little man has had a rough road in his nine short years.  Harder than most have in a lifetime.  The trauma and change he has endured is mind numbing.  This last year was no exception.  He finished out 3rd grade in another state, did summer camp (which I thought would help with acclimation) but 4th grade started pretty rough anyway. We had scholastic and bullying issues (but he brought some of it on himself.. he's known for "poking at the sleeping bear" so to speak) but those were addressed.  He started to make friends and had a few over.  Grades were getting better and it seemed like we were getting all dialed in.

3-4 cha cha cha.

I think somewhere deep down he's having a hard time adjusting to just being a kid.  He's not the "foster kid" or the "kid that lost his dad" or the "adopted kid".. or even the "new kid" .. He's a regular kid.  I've caught on to the negative things he is doing and saying for that extra attention and put the kibosh on it.  Although he knows better he thought he wouldn't get caught.  But he did and it wasn't pretty.

Back in the ancient days I did cotillion in junior high then the Assembly in high school.  7 years in all.  What was it?  White gloves, pantyhose, boys in suits and ties, girls in dresses, waltzes and other dances, social etiquette.  At the end of our senior year, the daddy of them all.. the Presentation Ball at the Beverly Wilshire.  A big band, the whole nine yards.  Damn, you would think I'm 90... ANYWAY...  In all that time, I loved doing the cha cha the most.  Today, not so much.


Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully I'll get to bust some fun, cool moves.

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